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Fox News personality 5 years ago or adult film star?   May 20, 2016

MFP tries to convert Bernie supporter

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This is part of an ongoing series.

A few short years ago, these two women were virtually indistinguishable from one another:

  • Iowa 10’s
  • Bubbly blondes
  • And, given that Andy Dalton’s wife looks like this:

    The stay-at-home wife of a mid-tier NFL quarterback in most alternate, parallel universes.

But, for whatever reason, at some point in early adulthood, their lives took widely divergent paths…


Ainsley Earhardt



Kylee Reese

MP Editorial Note

I know what you’re thinking:

Ainsley is way more naturally beautiful than Kylee Reese!

But I feel like if you swapped them out in the middle of this broadcast…??

Nobody would’ve noticed…

Racism rears its ugly head

You may recall that in this BTS scene [link omitted]– a young Kylee Reese unequivocally stated that she would not perform outside her ethnicity.

But, as fate would have it– Kylee was getting [censored] by a pack of [censored] within a calendar year.

To think, if life had played out just a little differently? Kylee would be the beloved, highly-paid co-anchorette of Fox & Friends— discussing important topics in a fun, lighthearted way.

Instead, Kylee finds herself performing w/ the likes of Hung Lo…

As did the great Shawna Lenee, apparently…

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