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Handy chart re: “Islamaphobia causes terrorism”   May 15, 2016

Credit Morning Joe.

h/t AY, Red Chalk

The conventional wisdom on the F/X of a temporary ban on Muslim immigration, summed up by Gen. David Betrayus:

Some justify these measures as necessary to keep us safe — dismissing any criticism as ‘political correctness’…the ramifications of such rhetoric could be very harmful — and lasting.

They play into the plans of terrorist groups trying to rally Muslims against the United States and other Western nations.

The ban should be opposed on grounds that:

Nevertheless, MFP supports the ban, if for no other reason than to troll Betrayus & friends– whose argument is maddeningly nonsensical, as illustrated below…

Your house

You let friends come over

Your Muslim neighbors seem nice

Except one of them gives you the heebie jeebies

I mean, just last week, he stoned somebody to death!

Your wife demands you let them in your house

Because if you don’t, you may or may not make them evil

And the really crazy thing is?? Everybody agrees with her! And you’re just like, “HAS EVERYONE LOST THEIR FUCKING MINDS!???”


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