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Kristin Tate is so hot in this clip where she makes no sense   May 10, 2016

Litigious Muslim Student, would ya hang out innocently as friends?

Credit Red Eye.

Anyone could beat Paul Ryan.

In 2014, Ryan won his primary 94-6. He won the general, 63-37.

Whatever, it’s not important.

On Red Eye to schlock her new book, something-something-liberty— during which, she appeared to be so hot…

vs. Katie Glueck

Tate is universally-regarded as the most beautiful woman in the liberty movement (fueling Marianne Copenhaver’s silent rage). You may recall that Tate is so hot that she made Katie Glueck appear unattractive in comparison…

For a college-educated woman, Tate is essentially flawless.

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