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El Chorro’s 9 Lessons from the Cruz Campaign   May 5, 2016

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Influential Iowa radio talk show host and committed Cruzlim, Steve Deace:

  • Trump is not my Christian brother by his own admission. He openly says he shakes his fist at God. February 28
  • Regarding the Katie Johnson rape lawsuit against Trump, it could all be bunk. I have no idea. What I do know is Trump previously admitted to being a buddy of a convicted pervert/pedophile named Jeffrey Epstein, who is also named in the suit.

    Beyond that, I have no reason to be suspicious of a guy who admits to numerous affairs with married women April 9

  • With the overwhelming amount of second ballot delegates Cruz is amassing there will be a contested convention in Cleveland regardless of Trump’s total. April 24
  • I hope Trumpians get what they want and choke on it. May 5.

The following is reax to Deace’s latest article, “9 Lessons Learned from the Cruz Campaign”.

El Chorro’s 9 Lessons from the Cruz Campaign

  1. Insisting an odd and awkward candidate is the personification of conservatism puts conservatism at mortal risk.
  2. Failing to honestly assess a candidate’s personal appeal leads to anger and alienation as voters reject him.
  3. Do not expect people to ignore personal dislike of a candidate and judge him solely on the merit of his beliefs.
  4. Fringe radio hosts should not appear often onstage with a candidate and upstage him with controversial behavior.
  5. The frequent use of a parent as speaker and surrogate diminishes a candidate and perpetuates a Beta-male image.
  6. Be sure any early “running mate” radiates positivity, not vindictiveness toward a candidate who humiliated her.
  7. Assess the likability of all your candidate’s surrogates, or a sense of unpleasantness may shroud your campaign.
  8. People like “regular guys.” Regular guys credibly laugh off personal trolling; they do not weakly take offense.
  9. Don’t call yourself something. Be something.
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