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Bwahahaha: Preschool teacher-looking lady is high-ranking Navy official   April 17, 2016

You know who I want to spend the rest of my life with? Fox & Friends travel expert

Vice Chief of Naval Operations Michelle Howard is Chris Wallace’s Fox News Sunday “Power Player of the Week”…

I know what you’re thinking:

But maybe she’s like Margaret Thatcher. Spine of steel, etc.

Except the following exchange has not been edited or truncated in any way:

CW: As Vice Chief, Howard makes sure the Navy can meet its war-fighting requirements– now, and in the future.

CW: Is part of your responsibility the role of getting women more integrated into command?

MH: It’s part of who I am!


The US PR dept. markets her as “the first African American woman to command a ship in the U.S. Navy”.

Which is weird, because she looks like every nice, elderly Hispanic preschool teacher ever…??

Oh, so just kinda sorta…

Would totally pressure into relations if I was her commanding officer…

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