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Inside Rand Paul HQ: Where are they now?   April 8, 2016

This is the latest in a series.

Doug Stafford

Stafford is now Chief Strategerist for Rand Paul for Senate.

His failures in ’16 were blamed on the Iowa Political Director– a true believer who remains loyal even after unfairly getting thrown under the bus.

Campaign hierarchy not withstanding, everyone– including the campaign manager– answers to Stafford, by virtue of his close personal friendship with Rand.

It’s kinda like how everyone answered to David Axelrod in Obama ’08, even though he was technically the “media strategerist”.

Mid Level Staffer that whined about iPads

This was some Petyr Baelish in Game of Thrones type shit.

Mid Level Staffer passed over a bunch of dudes to become a Top Level Staffer on the reelection team.

Nobody thinks he deserves it? But everyone respects how he basically Alpha-d his way into that position.

The Hoverboard Guy

Still with YAL.

As for the guy who actually owned the hoverboard? Nobody knows what happened to him.

Hot chicks

After Rand dropped out, most hot chicks in GOP, Inc. consolidated behind Team Rubio…

Some took to calling him “Ru(Bae)O”.

The campaign even started selling shirts to capitalize on it…

In any case, a number of the most prominent ones ended up at Turning Point USA…

The Regime

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Liberty, Inc.

Kat Timpf wishes Ron Paul was the GOP nominee

Would Smash

Jedediah Bila is even hotter today than she was on 9/11

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