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Trumpanzees vs. Cruzlims at Free Republic   March 30, 2016

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Free Republic, where bitter clinging, right-wingers (myself included) find comfort in the no frills user interface that only a 1999-era message board can provide.

Trumpanzees vs. Cruzlims

FR’s denizens swear the vitriol between Trumpanzees and Cruzlims is worse than any period in the website’s history.

“OneVike” recently posted a vanity plea to site founder (and boss moderator) Jim Robinson:

Things have gotten way out of control here as of late. You know as well as most of us, that this war must end and end now, or your forum will end up being nothing more than a joke.

I humbly suggest that you not just request, but demand, that everyone step back and take a serious look at the slanderous comments being made by both camps. Debate is one thing, but what is happening is no longer a debate. This forum is on the verge of a civil war.

Mr. Robinson warned:

Okay, I demanded it. Now what?

If a whole lot of people continue posting that they won’t vote for our nominee (Trump/Cruz or whomever) after one has won the primary, a whole lot of people will find themselves sitting it out from FR for the duration.

This is Every Other Thread

Almost any topic devolves into a flame war, in the same, all-too-predictable manner…

POST 1: [Some random topic].

GUY A: Maybe Trump should send Lewandowski to beat him up.

GUY B: Maybe you should draw some fake bruises on your vagina (because you obviously have one).

GUY C: This is irrelevant! The bottom line is Cruz is ineligible. The Constitution clearly states…

GUY A: Mark Levin already addressed this. In 1797…

GUY B: Mark Levin is a shill for Ted Cruz. I think he is the 5th mistress.

GUY D: Trump’s henchman Roger Stone fed those lies to National Enquirer!

GUY E: Is that why a Cruz PAC sent Carly Fiorina $500,000 in hush money?

GUY F: (off-topic GIF)


Free Republic has tilted Trump lately, with many Trumpanzees rooting for the sanctimonious Cruz to get his comeuppance.

Even Jim Robinson– once a staunch Cruz supporter– has grown weary of Cruz’s act.

Carly Fiorina, Glenn Beck, and even “the great one”, Mark Levin– once revered, beyond reproach– are ridiculed regularly.

With Trump flailing in Wisconsin– Trumpanzees are openly rooting for the National Enquirer to step in before the do-or-gravely injured April 5 primary.

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