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Alabama governor’s alleged mistress, would ya…for $588,550?   March 24, 2016

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Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley denied “sexual activity” with staffer Rebekah Mason blah blah blah his wife divorced him yada yada yada corruption blah blah blah…

Team Mason allegedly “earned” ~600k since Bentley took office in 2011…

Mason…has been paid $426,978.43 via her Tuscaloosa-based company, RCM Consulting.

Records at show that Mason has received $161,571.67 in state funds during the Bentley administration. Those payments–in fiscal years 2011, 2012, and 2013–were listed mostly as “personnel costs,” with a small amount for “out of state travel.”

That brings total payments, to Rebekah Mason or her company, to $588,550.10.

Kacey Jordan

Adult actress Kacey Jordan– who once expressed a reluctance to perform with African-Americans (but relented)– agreed to be totally degraded by Saudi royalty for 8 days for just $30,000!

Maybe Rebekah Mason has a great personality.

But even in a world of quantum physics and infinite parallel universes, I struggle to imagine an alternate reality in which Mason is $550,000 more desirable than Kacey Jordan…

Or comparable actress.

Be it Rikki Six…

Or Cameron Canada…

Who, surprisingly, looks pretty good without make-up…


I question Gov. Bentley’s decision-making.

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