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Laura Ingraham hates “random blogger” Amanda Carpenter   March 21, 2016

Credit Laura Ingraham Show.

There are anti-democratic forces in our conservative midst…we have individuals, most of them I’ve never even heard of before, who are coming out with blacklists.

I see these names? I don’t even now who these people are! They’re like random bloggers who like, worked for Ted Cruz for 5 minutes.

This is in reference to fmr. Ted Cruz communications director-turned CNN contributor, Amanda Carpenter.

In a recent blog post, Carpenter wrote:

A list of those so-called conservatives and Republicans endorsing Donald Trump…call it a boycott, call it a blackball, call it a blacklist, call it whatever you want. I’m done with these folks and other conservatives should be, too.

In any case, I hate her new hair.

Prime, happy-go-lucky, girl next door hair…

New, Type A Personality, go-getter hair…

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