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Peak Nate Silver Should Just Shave His Head Already   February 12, 2016

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I feel for him…

He just (allegedly) got a hair transplant 5 years ago. His hair went from this…

To this…

Very Wayne Rooney…

Two years after spending £15k on hair transplant, Wayne needs ANOTHER operation to hide baldness

Jonah Goldberg

If anybody’s hair transplant deserved to be rejected by their body and/or forget to regularly take Finasteride, it’s RINO Jonah Goldberg…

But it looks freaking great, damn it…


Jonath Goldberg is going bald AGAIN

Do you even UFC bro?

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The Regime

Alex Jones explains why he defends Trump even though he’s a neoocon

Would Smash

No wonder Eric Bolling’s assistant is so hot