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Ted Cruz fan looks like Amy Acker   February 5, 2016

Katy Tur smiles at someone at a restaurant

The preponderance of evidence suggests Sanders, Trump, and Carson have the hottest supporters.

I know what you’re thinking:

You left out Rand!

David Hume Kennerly for Politico Magazine

I suspect those bitches were paid to be there, and probably think “Bastiat” is a brand of lube.

Ted Cruz

One candidate w/ consistently unattractive supporters is Ted Cruz. However, that may be changing…

Gains offset slightly by…

Screencapped for posterity…

Very Amy Acker…

No, seriously!

Amy Acker, of course, played the lovable but socially-awkward brilliant physicist Winifred Burkle-turned-evil God, Illyria, in the hit show, Angel.

And this guy wrote a song about Illyria, which you really, really, really need to watch…

Surprisingly, the reax has been fairly even…

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