I can’t think of an appropriate headline for this article

MP   |   Published originally January 20, 2016

Jason Rezaian

So uh, that journalist held captive for almost 2 years under harsh conditions?? Still fat…

Very Hurley from Lost.

Ellen Carmichael

RINO strategerist-ette Ellen L. Carmichael makes some point nobody cares about…

Her avatar is so sassy…

Dana Feigenbaum

OMG, would. A thousand times, would…

I would vote for Bernie Sanders, go to an MLS game, and pretend to like Mumford & Sons for her.

Michael Savage: John Bolton looks like a deranged walrus

Grumpy Pat Caddell isn’t in the mood for Heather Childers jokes

The Regime

Katy Tur almost makes me want to support KKK Grand Wizard Trump again

Trump: I gave Katy Tur a “big kiss”