Team Paul insider: YAL activists hijacked the campaign

MP   |   Published originally January 5, 2016

This longtime source has provided access to internal campaign documents and communications that were later corroborated.

You were a true believer. What happened?

Up until December, I was still holding out hope for a comeback– maybe an amazing debate performance, or a great speech…

Who or what is to blame?

The crony culture.

Young Americans for Liberty (YAL) activists hijacked the campaign for their own ends.

For them, winning is secondary to social networking. They’re more interested in the the community around the Pauls than the actual policies.

Can Rand’s vaunted ground game carry him to a surprise top 3 finish in Iowa?

The reality is, Republican primaries are won by old people, but all our focus is on college kids.

YAL/Students For Rand have been downright hostile and condescending to older voters.

“Winning is secondary to the social networking aspect.”

Doug Stafford gets the brunt of the criticism. Is it deserved?

He is simply unsuited to the job of running a presidential campaign– no experience whatsoever outside of Paul, Inc.

But he and Rand are friends, and I’m hearing he will be running the 2020 campaign as well.

Can we expect any major staff defections to Cruz or Rubio?

There’s a group of Rand’s mid level and higher staffers that are more or less generic Republican staffers, they don’t necessarily have a “liberty” background. I know of a few that could bail to other candidates like Rubio, but most will wait until Rand drops out in February.

What will you do when Rand drops out?

I will most likely vote for Ted Cruz. Career-wise, I will probably go back to the private sector.

I put my career on hold for Rand. I did it out of a passion for liberty, but now I’m like, I don’t really give a shit any more.

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