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Matthew Dowd predicted Trump would win GOP nomination back in September   December 27, 2015

Kudos to RINO Matthew Dowd for probably totally calling it…

MD: I think Donald Trump, as of today, is the Republican nominee for president–

George Stephanopoulos: The Republican nominee!?

MD: He leads nationally in every single poll for more than two months. He leads every single state, including favorite-son states like Florida, where he leads Jeb Bush. Jeb Bush is third. And any Republican that has led for two months and led every state has won the GOP nomination.

Out On A Limb

To predict Trump could win the nomination today is bold. In September, it was downright far-fetched.

Bill Kristol scoffed…

Won’t happen. Won’t happen.

Democrat strategerist Donna Brazile (not to be confused w/ Blanka from “Streetfighter”) chuckled condescendingly…

And Politifact rated Dowd’s argument “half-true”, despite the fact they could not find evidence to the contrary…

Three candidates in three elections, Ronald Reagan, Bob Dole and George W. Bush, won the pre-September polling trifecta and went on to win the nomination.

Trump has led the polls in Iowa, New Hampshire and nationally for the past two months. Plus, he’s in the lead in South Carolina, Florida and other states…But as you go back in time, you find gaps in the month-to-month record for all states. That lack of monthly state data weakens the support for Dowd’s statement somewhat.

For the record, Trump was 4th in MFP’s Power Rankings.


Matthew Dowd tweeted MFP to correct the record: He is no longer a Republican, and therefore cannot be characterized as a “RINO”.

I apologize.

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