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Inside Rand Paul’s Iowa HQ   November 30, 2015

These are not criticisms. Just things that stood out to me.

The Hoverboard Guy

This happens almost every single day…

Nerdy Staffer plugs in his hoverboard to charge in the main area. Leaves to do some work. African-American Guy rides it around the office until he is distracted by something else.

NS pretends he doesn’t mind, but his microaggressions betray him.

Mid Level Staffer whines about iPads

Mid Level Staffer kept pestering Team Paul for iPads, claiming it would boost productivity.

Initially, Team Paul was open to the request. But when fundraising dried up, iPads became a luxury the campaign could not afford.

MLS whined (paraphrasing):

But Conservatives For America gave their employees iPads!

Team Paul sent a box of Android tablets to pacify him, but he was still furious. Speaking to another staffer, MLS was heard going on a profanity-laced rant about having to settle for non-iPad tablets.

There is speculation MLS will defect to Team Rubio.

Video Games

About 2-3 months ago, people began to stop caring.

At one point, in front of numerous employees, senior-ish staffers locked themselves in an office for approximately 1 non-lunch hour to play video games.

I am not making this shit up. Specifically, they played: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

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Would Smash

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