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That time America was attacked and did nothing, but things just magically worked themselves out   November 20, 2015

Ben Carson steals Trump’s “take Iraq’s oil” schtick

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White House burned down

In August 1814, British troops set fire to the White House— but not before they ate with WH cutlery and ransacked the building. The damage was so severe that no President lived in the White House again until 1817.

Imagine Fox & Friends if this happened today.

US response: 6 mos. later, President James Madison and the US Senate decided to let bygones be bygones– unanimously approving a peace treaty.

Consequence of weakness: Things have been pretty cool with the British ever since.

1983 Beirut Bombing

In October 1983, suicide bombers drove trucks filled with explosives into marine barracks in Beirut, killing 241 American servicemen. This followed the US embassy bombing that killed 63.

Imagine Tomi Lahren’s viral rant if this happened today.

US response: With an election year approaching and his approval numbers in the mid-40’s— President Ronald Reagan wisely chose to GTFO of that hell hole.

Consequence of weakness: Reagan won reelection, the economy got better, the Soviets got George W. Bush’d in Afghanistan, and everything was awesome.

17,000 Beheadings in France

40,000 people were summarily executed during the Reign of Terror, including 17,000 beheadings (approx. 1 million percent more beheadings than ISIS). Though this was not technically an attack on America– it certainly was an “affront” to defense lobbyists’ values.

Imagine Glenn Beck’s chalkboard if these mass beheadings were happening today.

US response: President George Washington couldn’t care less.

Consequence of weakness: Everything just magically worked itself out. In fact, the French Revolution began a chain of events that led to the Louisiana Purchase, which was awesome (for us, not the Indians (ha ha)).

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