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El Chorro ranks conservative websites by order of user interface   October 14, 2015

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National Review

Windows pop up out of nowhere like Mormons trolling your neighborhood at dinnertime…

It’s like CPAC, Jehovah Witnesses, and the internet had a baby.

Breitbart & Daily Caller

These sites are designed to crash your computer, use up your entire data allowance, and autoplay random low-quality videos– seemingly always at max volume– while you creepily relive your Amazon browsing history and are enticed into clicking on lurid celebrity slideshows.

Real Clear Politics

RCP is an indispensable resource. But OH MY GOD, it’s like a library threw up…

Now they’ve added a header that slides up and down to cover up part of what you’re reading…

What is the purpose of this? Did somebody complain about having to scroll up?

Hot Air

The top looks like the departures/arrivals screen at the airport…

The site takes forever to load anyway, so…

Why not bite the .5 second bullet for a clear logo?

Conservative Review

Mark Levin is involved with this one now. Maybe you can add a line or two up top about why the hell this site exists, oh Great One.

And Ronald Reagan wants you to pay them $2.75 a month…

I’d be offended, except Mike Reagan made any exploitation of his father’s legacy pale in comparison…


Rino State

Good logo, readable font, well-organized. There’s also a map…

Personally, I’ve never felt compelled to use it? But I like that it’s there.

Weekly Standard

Props for ease of use.

The articles are laid out nicely. Additional content from Washington Examiner is welcome. Subscribe and newsletter call-to-actions are non-intrusive and visually appealing…

I can’t complain.

The relentlessly pro-establishment bias not withstanding, I can’t complain.

Free Republic

No autoplay videos, no pop-ups, no moderators with personal vendettas, no headers or columns that slide in and out– it’s like a prison intranet (that’s a compliment).

Free Republic wins.

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