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Rand Paul gets caught being a hypocrite, smirks obnoxiously   October 4, 2015

Unfair and imbalanced: Fox News hires Trump-hater Abby Huntsman

* Edited for time as per MFP’s loose journalistic standards.

In an interview w/ Howie Kurtz, Rand Paul stood by criticism of 2016 rival Ted Cruz– but, in doing so– opened himself up to charges of hypocrisy…

HK: You went after your rival Ted Cruz. You said he’s ‘pretty much done’…what do you mean?

RP: Well, I wouldn’t really call it, ‘going after’…we have different styles. My style is, when I disagree with someone, not to call them a name.

HK: You call Donald Trump a ‘clown’.

RP: Yeeeeah [smirks obnoxiously].

Let’s set aside Trump.

Paul takes issue with Cruz’s name-calling, but has no such qualms about serial name caller Harry Reid– whom he was seen fist bumping on the Senate floor…

The two worked closely together on legislation restoring voting rights for Democrat-leaning convicted felons…

Paul and Senate Minority Leader Harry have revived…the Civil Rights Voting Restoration Act [which would] restore voting rights in federal elections to people convicted of nonviolent crimes who are no longer in prison.

This, despite the fact Reid has called GOP presidential candidates “losers”, Republican senators “outright liars”, and Cruz a very junior senator” and “schoolyard bully”.

It would seem Paul’s ideological inconsistency extends to his unprovoked personal attacks.

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