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RETRACTION: Libertarian Girl is really hot after all   September 25, 2015

The consensus within the Liberty movement is that Libertarian Girl was a poor man’s Kristin Tate, the libertarian-turned-statist pundit.

This view is not entirely without merit.

After all, Kristin is so hot that she makes Katie Glueck appear unattractive in comparison. And as such, most dismissed Copenhaver’s supposed hotness as an illusion or byproduct of the sausage fest that is the libertarianism.

But we must always be willing to accept fallibility and question past assumptions.

In that vein, MFP hereby concedes that the gap between the two is closer than anyone previously imagined. As it turns out, Kristin doesn’t always look like this…

She sometimes looks like this…

Whereas Libertarian Girl sometimes looks like this

Upon review, Copenhaver is within 1.5 to 2 points of Kristin.


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