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Handy chart: The U.S. could have built 97 border walls by now   September 10, 2015

Donald Trump on refugee crisis: “I’d love to help, but we have our own problems”

I am an open borders libertarian. My preferred method for reducing illegal immigration is outlined HERE.

But as much as a wall offends my sensibilities, being lied to by an arrogant ruling class offends them even more so.

The following has been repeated, ad-nauseam, in a coordinated, bipartisan effort to manipulate public opinion via repetition and ridicule…

A wall is unaffordable. If you want a wall, you are dumb and stupid.

That is demonstrably false.


Based on a 2009 GAO study and the Migration Policy Institute, a border wall costs anywhere from $280 million ($400k per mile for 700 miles) to $32.5 billion (~$16 million per mile for 1,954) miles.

Let’s go with the higher number: $32.5 billion.

Even at that price, the U.S. could have built at least 97 border walls since 2003 by simply avoiding military blunders, cutting waste, and/or temporarily ceasing foreign aid…

Amount Could have paid for…
Iraq War $2 trillion
($7 trillion incl. interest)
66 walls
(215 walls)
Obama Stimulus $831 billion 25 walls
2012 Foreign Aid $38 billion 1 wall
2013 Foreign Aid $37 billion 1 wall
2014 Foreign Aid $44 billion 1 wall
2015 F/A (requested) $40 billion 1 wall
2016 F/A (requested) $50 billion 1 wall
Foreign Aid
$209 billion 6 walls

h/t AY
Finance Degree Center
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