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The hot ACORN hooker lady Hannah Giles got married   September 6, 2015

At the turn-of-the-century, modern conservatism was bereft of attractive women. The elderly Ann Coulter, Monica Crowley, and Fox News’ Laurie Dhue were the best our nascent movement had to offer.

But as the 2000’s came to a close, a new generation of hot conservative chicks burst on the scene.

First, the stunningly beautiful Carrie Prejean came to national prominence for defending traditional marriage at the Miss USA pageant…

A few months later, we were introduced to Hannah Giles– the archetypal spinner— who famously posed as a hooker in Guy O’Whatever’s ACORN expose videos

I am pro-life, but I would dismember like, 75 fetuses for 5 minutes with Hannah Giles circa 2009…

But anyway, she married this guy…

Thus ruining my totally realistic chances with her.

Nevertheless, a debt of gratitude is owed for opening the door for the likes of Jedesdfdfdkjdf Bila…

And Kat Timpf…

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