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Trump Iowa campaign co-chairwoman Tana Goertz, would ya?   August 9, 2015

Mark Capra Tweet Email

Trump ’16 Iowa campaign co-chairwoman and The Apprentice Season 3 contestant Tana Goertz recently weighed in on the Megyn Kelly controversy:

I was not offended at all…if you mess with the bull you’re going to get the horns, sweetheart.

Whether you agree with her or not, she is such a MILF…

Kinda weird when older women make these faces? But I am still very DTF…

I am not proud of this, but I would eagerly feed my wife and newborn child to a grizzly bear for 5 minutes with this waitress…

Goertz has aged remarkably well. Here she is in an Apprentice audition video, circa 2004…

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