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Rand Paul flip-flops on student loan subsidies   August 4, 2015

Donald Trump quadruples Rand Paul’s support among college educated and young voters

In 2013, a principled Rand Paul refused to pander on the issue of student loans— arguing government intervention in education only served to keep costs artificially high by delaying natural market corrections, and giving school administrators little motivation to become more cost-efficient.

But now hemorrhaging support among young voters to Donald Trump, Paul has been forced to evolve on the issue…


Prices have been rising faster than [everything else]…the government is heavily involved…we’re subsidizing education in a big way…we’re giving tons of pell grants, we’re giving tons of loans, but when we do that– we bid up the price…people want everything to be free, but nothing’s really free.


I have a plan that would make it deductible…I would say your interest and your principal oughta be deducted.

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