Michael Savage infuriated by Sean Hannity’s MMA training

MP   |   Published originally July 30, 2015

A caller informs Michael Savage that Sean Hannity has taken up mixed martial arts…

Caller: That nitwit– I’m not gonna say his name…he’s all about himself and his karate and crap.

Savage: He boasts about karate!?

Caller: Yeah, he talks about how he’s a martial artist–

Savage: Aw, he’s full of…beans! He’s full of cornbeef and cabbage– martial arts! When did he pick that up, in between TV and radio shows…and being a slumlord in Atlanta!?

Savage: Every one of us has his own following with some crossover, so we have to be nice to each other or we get complaints. But that’s ridiculous– boasting about his karate! Any man who boasts about being a martial artist is a pushover.

Flashback: Hannity trains with fmr. UFC superstar Chuck Liddell…

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