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Michael Savage: “Fraud” Mark Levin responsible for Supreme Court gay marriage ruling   July 1, 2015

Rush Limbaugh vs. Guy w/ the Shittest Phone Ever

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Mark Levin served under Attorney General Ed Meese in the Reagan administration when it vetted and approved Supreme Court nominee Anthony Kennedy in 1988.

Kennedy has since cast the deciding vote in one unconstitutional ruling after another.

Savage holds Levin at least partly responsible for SCOTUS ruling in favor of Satanic marriage…

The great Ronald Reagan appointed Justice Kennedy, and he was approved by Edwin Meese…who had one of his low-down lawyers inside the Justice Department who’s now a flamboyant talk show host– who every day tells you what a conservative is– every day the lawyer who vetted Justice Kennedy goes on the air and tell you, ‘he knows what a conservative is’.

Never forget who gave us Justice Kennedy…an unknown lawyer who’s now posing as a conservative talk show host…I WILL UNLEASH ON THAT LITTLE MAN LIKE HE’S NEVER BEEN UNLEASHED UPON! I WILL TELL YOU THINGS ABOUT HIM THAT YOU DON’T EVEN WANNA KNOW!

You may recall that Mark Levin once made physical threats against Michael Savage…

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