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Ann Coulter refuses to joke around with Kennedy   June 27, 2015

Rush Limbaugh accurately claims ISIS stole some of their torture methods from Nelson Mandela

Kennedy is the archetypal “Yes, I’m a libertarian-conservative, but I’m also fun and trendy! I use black terms like ‘boom’ and ‘baller’ ironically. I’m not an old, heartless fuddy-duddy like most libertarian-conservatives” libertarian-conservative, that’s always apologizing for her views to her liberal friends.

Whereas Ann Coulter is just kind of a bitch…

Kennedy: Are you fun?

Ann: Um…that’s a silly question.

Kennedy: Yes, it is!

Ann: I don’t answer silly questions.

Kennedy: Oh, Ann! Come on!

Ann: No silly questions.

Kennedy: Well, I think the question answers itself. No, because I’ve heard from some mutual friends (Greg Gutfeld and the RINOs The Five) that you are a very fun person.

Ann: [stares silently]

Kennedy: Okay.

I got hard here, tbh…

And here…

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