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Michael Savage: Ann Coulter is “copying everything I wrote over 21 years ago”   June 6, 2015

RINO vs. RINO: Sean Hannity responds to Lindsey Graham


If I became transgendered, do you think O’Reilly would have me on?

In reference to Ann Coulter’s leg-crossing heavy cable news appearances to promote her new book, Adios America

When I started in radio, I said: America is dying because the leadership is decimating our borders, language, and culture. I was laughed at, even though I was a prophet.

Now you got skirts out there copying everything I wrote over 21 years ago– making it into like, an original [idea]. A skirt, suddenly– a cross-her-legs job.

I don’t know, maybe I should become transgendered– then my books would be covered on Fox News…they’d suddenly claim I was way ahead of the curve.

Though Ann Coulter pretends to be a severely conservative during her book tours, she has RINO goose-stepped behind Mitt Romney…

John Boehner…

And Mitch McConnell…

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