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Fox News Hair & Make-up turns Kat Timpf from a 5 to a 9   May 29, 2015

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Fox News contributor Kat Timpf…

Foundation, more foundation, lip gloss, slutlashes, “defile me” hair, and naughty librarian glasses later…

Tucker tries to hide erection…


But they’re not miracle workers.

Exhibit A: Pyschotic liberal Julie Mason…

Exhibit B: Left-wing radical Michelle Cottle…

The Regime

MFP accurately reax to Jeff Flake not seeking reerection

The Regime

MFP accurately reax to Jerry Jones taking a knee

Do you even UFC bro?

UFC’s Joe Rogan: “African-American females have the same bone density as white males”

Russian to conclusions

The Russian bitches on “Direct Line w/ Putin” were so hot