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Heartache: Stone Cold Steve Austin endorses gay marriage   December 21, 2014

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Former WWE superstar-turned-prolific podcaster and host of CMT’s Red Neck Island Stone Cold Steve Austin stunned America (pun intended) by speaking out in favor of Satanic marriage…

Goldust [was] hotter than hell as a heel!

Man, just so many people complained, because of the nature of the character. Back in the day, I guess, it was pushin’ the envelope…that’s when they chopped the legs out from under him. They kinda shut him down…they chopped the gimmick out from under him. I really felt bad for him.

I’m a fan of gay marriage, gay rights.

Dustin Rhodes aka Goldust, referenced above…

You may recall that last March, Stone Cold issued this Public Service Announcement for the TSA…

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