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Rand Paul accurately claims Germans aren’t funny   October 17, 2014

Dumb CBS reporter that deleted her Rand Paul tweet is hot

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On his Germanic bloodline and dry sense of humor…

You hate to criticize a whole ethnic group, but I’m part of it, so maybe it’s okay.

Germans are fastidious and hard workers and they build things, you know?

But the other side of my family is Welsh and English, and they, uh…one grandparents are really hardworking and the other grandparents were, maybe more, uh, you know, joking around, singing songs, reciting poetry.

German Facts:

  • They are the Japanese of Whites (or the Japanese are the Germans of Asians)
  • They posses robot-like precision.
  • They are not funny or romantic.
  • When they are funny, it’s in a creepy serial-killer kind of way.
  • Their adult films are horrifying.
  • Their accents are the most off-putting in all of the Western World.

Rand Paul, on the other hand, is funny– just not in the Duck Dynasty, “look at me, I have a beard and I kill animals, wanna see me get kicked in the balls?” way that many ‘Muricans enjoy.

Proof That Rand Paul Is Funny

“King of Bacon”

I hate traffic

Rand Paul goofs on Chris Christie, makes Ted Cruz laugh

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