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Fat Democrat strategist Gabi Domenzain caught eating during MSNBC segment   August 31, 2014

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During a short, 5 minute segment on UP Sunday, Democrat strategerist Gabi Domenzain couldn’t resist stuffing her face with pastries.

What’s really fascinating is that she could’ve just as easily put the pastry down. But, unable or unwilling to wait just 1 more minute until the end of the segment– she hurriedly stuffed the pastry into her mouth…

Oh, I’m sorry. Um (continues eating, smacks hands together to dispose of crumbs).

(mumble) I’m not supposed to eat with my mouth full.

You took me right at the moment– (swallows).

Screencapped for posterity…

I’m gonna throw up…

Flashback: Fat chick keeps eating while Rand Paul discusses abortion…

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