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Bwahahaha: Sean Hannity gets mad at Iraqi Yezidi spokesman for thanking Obama   August 11, 2014

Rand Paul: Rick Perry’s policy of giving illegal aliens in-state tuition is “going too far”

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* Edited for time as per MFP’s loose journalistic standards.

As further evidence of Obama’s incompetence, Hannity interviewed Mirza Ismail, Chairman of the Yezidi Human Rights Organization

Hannity: You and your whole family, as I understand it, were chased out of your home and were trapped on a mountain top in Iraq surrounded by ISIS militants.

Ismail: Yezidi only get two choices: Whether to convert or whether to die…they want to convert the whole world to Islam…we are facing a total genocide.

Ismail: I would like to thank Mr. Obama for his quick decision and action and–

Hannity: What do you mean his quick decision?? I mean, to be perfectly–

Ismail: Well–

Hannity: Hold on a minute. I would only argue–

Ismail: He made a quick decision to send humanitarian aid…in a matter of hours. That was greatly appreciated.

Hannity: Ugh. The President bragged about leaving Iraq.

You almost have to admire Hannity’s commitment to hackery.

Flashback: Hannity gets mad at Rand Paul for not blaming everything on Obama…

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