Open Borders Libertarian

MFP & co.   |   Published originally July 13, 2014

A group of illegal Mexican immigrants jump from a border fence to enter the United States, near Tijuana, Mexico. –AP

Illegal immigration is best addressed by reducing the economic incentives to migrate, not intrusive, Soviet-style police state measures.

In exchange for abolishing the welfare state, the Border Security Industrial Complex should be dismantled– beginning with the TSA.

Furthermore, E-Verify requirements should be abolished– an undue burden on employers already struggling to comply with the federal government’s bureaucratic labyrinth of paradoxical labor laws, environmental decrees, and Obamacare mandates.

Why should the burden of enforcing America’s borders fall on businesses– even as a constitutionally-derelict federal government encourages illegal immigration with the promise of amnesty?

Repeal & Replace Drug Cartels

Drug legalization would spell the end of the drug cartel.

Powerful corporations w/ focus-tested logos, sterile accounting procedures, and ruthlessly efficient distribution strategies– dispensing substances from marijuana to cocaine in trendy, Starbucks-esque boutiques would render drug cartels obsolete– a historical curiosity of a bygone era.

Attempts to introduce thuggery into this economy would go something like this…


Freedom of movement is a fundamental right enshrined in the Constitution (kinda sorta).

We should not seek to infringe on this right– anymore than we would limit #2A because of gang shootings in Chicago.

Ultimately, the issue is: Democrats have an electoral incentive to unduly grant citizenship and voting rights to illegal aliens.

For that, there is practical defense.

May as well live in maximum freedom until the inevitable events foretold in Revelations unfold.

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