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Laura Ingraham: Rand Paul is almost as bad as Jeb Bush on amnesty   June 22, 2014

Adam Kinzinger hates Rand Paul

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Rand Paul took, I think, a really wrong-headed step on the immigration issue last week.

I mean, he’s not completely where Jeb is, but almost!

I disagree with both Laura Ingraham and Rand Paul, in this respect…

1) Would Thomas Jefferson support peacetime border security measures requiring law-abiding citizens to provide proof of citizenship and submit themselves to invasive scrutiny by armed federal agents?


2) Would Thomas Jefferson require employers to verify the legal status of employees– under penalty of jail or excessive fines?


3) Would Thomas Jefferson be troubled by the use of cheap, migrant workers?


Since Jefferson owned slaves– and slavery depressed wages– we can say with certainty that he would not oppose the use of cheap, migrant workers.

4) Would Thomas Jefferson oppose granting citizenship to immigrants, who invariably vote themselves gifts from the public treasury?


Therefore, the correct conservative position on immigration is:

  • Abolish the welfare state.
  • Abolish birthright citizenship.
  • Allow people to travel back and forth freely, as God and the Founders intended.
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