Heartache: Pat Buchanan loses an argument to neocon Rich Lowry

MFP & co.   |   Published originally May 24, 2014

In his prime, Pat Buchanan would have made goulash out of insipid neocon birdbrain, Rich Lowry.

But on the McLaughlin Group on Friday, Lowry caught the ailing 75-year-old Buchanan in a rhetorical trap on the issue of American intervention in Nigeria:

Buchanan: (We should intervene) because it can be done.

Lowry: Other things can be done too. If that’s the standard, then you’re not a non-interventionist. You’re the biggest interventionist in the world. We can do all sorts of things. We can debate Syria.

With regards to the kidnapped Nigerian girls, it’s simple:

  • No national security interest is at stake in Nigeria.
  • We ought not set a precedent whereby petty criminals can capture the attention of Washington D.C. by committing ever more heinous acts.

This situation is precisely why we have secret agents– to carry out clandestine operations that we can disavow in the event they are captured or killed.

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