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Heartache: Pat Buchanan loses an argument to neocon Rich Lowry   May 24, 2014

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In his prime, Pat Buchanan would have made goulash out of insipid neocon birdbrain, Rich Lowry.

But on the McLaughlin Group on Friday, Lowry caught the ailing 75-year-old Buchanan in a rhetorical trap on the issue of American intervention in Nigeria:

Buchanan: (We should intervene) because it can be done.

Lowry: Other things can be done too. If that’s the standard, then you’re not a non-interventionist. You’re the biggest interventionist in the world. We can do all sorts of things. We can debate Syria.

As the Official Arbiter of Conservatism, MFP rules that:

  • No national security interest is at stake in Nigeria.
  • We ought not set a precedent whereby petty criminals can capture the attention of Washington D.C. by committing ever more heinous acts.

However, this situation is precisely why we have secret-secret agents– to carry out clandestine operations that we can disavow in the event they are captured or killed.

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