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Michael Savage: Vladimir Putin is all that stands in the way of liberal world domination   May 12, 2014

Liberals using pictures of Trey Gowdy’s old haircuts to make him look crazy

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The only thing that stands in their way of complete domination of the world is Russia, which is why they forced Russia into a corner.

But they didn’t count on Putin’s strength. They didn’t count on Putin’s nationalism. And they didn’t count on the fact that Putin would say ‘no, I’m not rolling over to Barack Obama and the degenerate perverts’.

The Soviet takeover of the United States began under George H.W. Bush and culminated under the Obama regime. Essentially, America and Russia have swapped places.

An outright ban– Mr. and Mrs. America– turn them all in.

America has become everything we fear Russia to be.

Obama is everything we fear Vladimir Putin is.

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