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S.E. Cupp says she is “disgusted” by men lusting after her, but her WHCD dress suggests otherwise   May 6, 2014

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S.E. Cupp tells Luke Ford that she finds male attention “disgusting” and just “eww”…

Luke: “How do you react when you feel that a man is looking at you with lust? Are you horrified, disgusted, appalled?”

SE: “Yeah. Disgusted. This is not a unique situation. Women in Manhattan are objectified walking down the street every day. A broad spectrum of women get looked at. It’s, yeah, disgusting. That doesn’t do anything for me. That doesn’t excite me. I know women who use it as a barometer for how good they’re looking that day. Eww! It gives me the creeps. I don’t enjoy it at all. There’s not a single ounce of enjoyment that I get from that.

That’s like, so empowering! She’s like, totally a role model for– oh wait…

It’s weird that no matter how smart a woman is or how educated she is? Her intrinsic worth still ultimately comes down to boobs.


Here she is with her husband, John the RINO— who, behind the scenes, has been grovelling to land a spot on a political ensemble show (The Five, The Cycle, Outnumbered, etc.)…

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