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Top 5 Women I Would NOT Smash   April 14, 2014

Rand Paul: Who criticized Dick Cheney? I criticized Dick Cheney?? I never criticized Dick Cheney!

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Sex is typically an act of love or affection, but men sometimes use it as a means of dominating women and showing them who’s boss.

After all, what could be more disrespectful and #winning than expelling bodily fluids into/onto another human being?

Even moreso than brain size or comparative spatial awareness– that women desire or even crave male discharge lends credence to the theory of male superiority.

In this context, here are the top 5 women that I would smash?? But are sooo repulsive that, sadly, I physically cannot…

5. Claire McCaskill – Senatoress, Missouri

On second thought? I guess I could CoHF, why not…??

4. Kathleen Sebelius – fmr. HHS Secretary

3. Dorothy Rabinowitz – Neocon Street Journal

It’s weird because that is exactly what Dorothy Rabinowitz looked like in 1999.

2. Heidi Heitkamp – Senatoress, North Dakota


1. Jabba the Mikulski – Senatoress, Maryland

A thyroid condition, no doubt…

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