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Bristol Palin got really, really, really, really, really HOT   April 8, 2014

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At one point, Bristol looked as if she had eaten Kirstie Alley…

But through a combination of dogged determination, weight loss, and plastic surgery, this happened…

And then this happened…

And then this happened…

We’re so proud that Bristol has been graduated tonight from Penrose Academy in Arizona. She’s heading back to Alaska soon (because she misses the snow, mountains, and her truck!) to continue her work at Dr. Cusack’s dermatology practice.

h/t Jackson L.

Though we can take solace in knowing Levi Johnston never penetrated the hottest version of Bristol, MFP regrets to report that Levi is now smashing this…


But at least she’s crazy…

After just getting married to the mother of his second baby last October, Levi Johnston’s new wife, 20-year-old Sunny Oglesby reportedly got so out of control on New Year’s Eve, she apparently “beat him mercilessly” over paranoia about her insecurities.

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