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Michael Savage: is a “fake conservative” site run by “wannabe talk show hosts”   April 4, 2014

Rush Limbaugh: Those warning of economic collapse sound like Chicken Little

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Since Andrew Breitbart’s passing, in my opinion, Breitbart has become an overrun site with wannabe talk show hosts and sleazy lawyers…they are like jealous sorority girls.

Savage has a legitimate gripe, insofar as Breitbart has a rooting interest in Hannity’s success.

Hannity promotes Breitbart and its reporters. Breitbart, in turn, promotes Hannity.

It’s an echo chamber, not unlike what exists on the Left w/ MSNBC and Politico.

Not surprisingly, Breitbart has tried to put the best possible spin on Hannity’s ratings decline.

Longtime listeners will note the many recent format changes:

(1) Now-almost daily appearances by “insider” Jamie Dupree.
(2) The new weekly segment with North Dakota employers.
(3) More on-air interaction with his snarky young staff– this being the most obvious sign of Hannity’s struggles.

Consultants encourage Hannity and others to engage in more “spontaneous”, “behind-the-scenes” banter with producers.

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