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Elise Viebeck: Why the GOP doesn’t want to stop Obama’s executive overreach   February 26, 2014

Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity agree: Rand Paul or Ted Cruz in 2016

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House GOP leadership fears a scenario in which it successfully curtails Obama’s executive overreach– and, as a result, Obamacare is implemented in all its horror– infuriating the Chamber of Commerce and other corporate interests. At that point, Republicans could be put in the humiliating position of begging Obama to use executive power to circumvent the legislation.

But more importantly, how hot is The Hill propaganda czar-ette Elise Viebeck??

Note the utter look of shock on Viebeck and Stanton’s faces when their respected colleague, Chris Stirewalt, explains how an out-of-control executive might kinda sorta pose a threat to democracy (2:11).

Screencapped for posterity…

That having been said, would eagerly smash…

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