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Michael Savage: Maybe the Oklahoma City bombing was a false flag orchestrated by Bill Clinton   February 6, 2014

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In 1995, Bill Clinton allegedly orchestrated an attack on the Alfred P. Murrah federal building in Oklahoma City to boost his struggling reelection campaign and silence talk radio “hate speech”.

On Thursday, Michael Savage compared Oklahoma City to the Reichstag fire…

Remember all the unanswered questions? Did you ask why they executed Timothy McVeigh so quickly?

Don’t tell me it can’t happen here, okay? I believe it already has happened here.

You may recall that at the time of the attacks, Bill Clinton was at the lowest point of his presidency…

Clinton was in deep political trouble in April 1995. Six months earlier, voters had resoundingly rejected Democrats in the 1994 mid-term elections, giving the GOP control of both House and Senate. Polls showed the public viewed Clinton as weak, incompetent and ineffective. House Speaker Newt Gingrich and his GOP forces seized the initiative on virtually every significant issue, while Clinton appeared to be politically dead. The worst moment may have come on April 18, the day before the bombing, when Clinton plaintively told reporters, “The president is still relevant here.”

And then came the explosion at the Murrah Federal Building. In addition to seeing a criminal act and human loss, Clinton and Morris saw opportunity. If the White House could tie Gingrich, congressional Republicans and conservative voices like Rush Limbaugh to the attack, then Clinton might gain the edge in the fight against the GOP.

After the attacks (and after the GOP nominated Bob Dole), Clinton’s reelection was a foregone conclusion.

Flashback: Alex Jones accurately claims the feds were behind Oklahoma City…


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