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Rush Limbaugh: Nobody was more bipartisan than Scott Brown, what good did it do him?   January 10, 2014

Rush Limbaugh: Fox News becoming “predictable” Chris Christie cheerleader

Alex Jones accurately describes Chris Christie as a “disgusting, gangster pig”

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In his upset victory over Martha Coakley in 2010, Scott Brown embraced the Tea Party and railed against Obamacare– autographing campaign paraphernalia with “41”, as in the 41st vote to derail the Unaffordable Care Act.

But after taking office, GOP strategerists convinced Brown that his path to reelection lie in betraying conservatives, and embracing moderates. This strategery led to a humiliating defeat to Elizabeth Warren– the Marxist central planner who famously lied about being “Native American” to benefit from affirmative action…

He was beaten by a pretend-Indian! A real lunatic!

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