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Bill de Blasio’s family look like the cast of The Wire   January 3, 2014

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First, a preemptive defense against charges of racism:

In 2011, MFP passionately defended Herman Cain from allegations of sexual misconduct– in doing so, repeatedly smearing Caucasian accuser Sharon Bialek as a deceitful, gold-digging pig:

This fat bimbo makes Paula Jones look classy.

MFP referred to another Herman Cain accuser– Ginger White– as a “fat, ugly woman”— implying her allegations were obviously false, since Cain would never stoop so low.

So, there.

Sexist? Probably. Racist? No.

With that being said, Bill de Blasio’s family looks like the cast of The Wire.

The Wire

Team de Blasio

The Wire

Team de Blasio

The Wire

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