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Sail to the Caribbean with the Weekly Standard’s Bill Kristol and Fred Barnes for just $5,142!   December 3, 2013

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Ever wanted to be stuck on a cruise ship with authoritarian, statist neocons– William Kristol, Fred Barnes, Stephen Hayes, Hugh Hewitt, and their sycophantic followers? Now you can!

Book a cabin on The Weekly Standard Cruise for as low as $5,142!

The Weekly Standard’s seminars, social events, port charges, government taxes, fees, and your gratuities are included in this cruise pricing.

The Wind Surf cruise ship holds 150+ cabins. With Outlook 2014 prices ranging from $5,142 to $25,000— Bill Kristol stands to earn in the vicinity of $1-3 million, for dispensing such wisdom as…

Glenn Beck copies Alex Jones’ show verbatim

Fox News: “The best communicator in American politics today”

Erection 2016

Morning Joe LOLs at Trump supporter’s “are you Canadian” joke

Democrat rising stars Julián and Joaquín Castro look evil