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Democrat rising stars Julián and Joaquín Castro look evil   November 15, 2013

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Like their racist, anti-American mother– La Raza Unida founder Maria del Rosario Castro— Julián and Joaquín Castro are down-the-line, doctrinaire Marxists.

As such, they are seen as rising stars and future leaders of the Democrat Party…

The two brothers, who burst upon the national stage in 2012 after Julian — the mayor of San Antonio — keynoted the Democratic National Convention, have burned up the Democratic Party’s national speaking circuit this year. By the end of October, the 38-year-old twins will have appeared at major functions in at least 11 states outside their native Texas, and also the sets of prominent national TV programs.

The Castro brothers’ speeches are marquee engagements, often the most desirable invitations that any given state party has to hand out.

What no one is saying, but everyone is thinking– is that their evil, rape-y look may hinder their national ambitions…

If they were regular-sized, they would be super scary…

You may be shocked and appalled to learn that one of them is smashing this…

Rep. Joaquin Castro engaged to Anna Flores.

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