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Rafael Cruz under fire for pointing out Obama’s illegal alien status   October 31, 2013

Bwahahahaha: Obama SS Officer Mike Rogers is super totally concerned about privacy!

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Rafael Cruz, speaking at a Tea Party event during the final days of his son’s victorious campaign over the despicable David Dewhurst…

We need to send Barack Obama back to Chicago…back to Kenya.

As you might expect, Rafael Cruz has come under fire for this objectively accurate, constructive critism.

But in advancing the socialist monstrosity that is Obamacare, in conspiring to confiscate our guns, in colluding to give the United Dictatorships dominion over this land– Obama is operating in keeping with his demonic, Luciferian nature.

The fault lies with Mitt Romney and his ilk, who in cowardice or conspiracy– it matters not which– have been complicit in covering up Obama’s undocumented status.

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