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John McCain “intimidated” by African-American woman at town hall meeting   September 6, 2013

Guy calls for John McCain to be “arrested and tried for treason” at town hall meeting

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At a town hall meeting Friday, John McCain was confronted by what he described as an “intimidating” African-American woman– who demanded to know why McCain and the Gang of Eight don’t oppose Obama’s perverse policies with the same “war-like” zeal they do in promoting Rubiocare or war in Syria…

Government run schools that are more concerned with promoting anti-Christian beliefs and values and the brainwashing of our precious children.

The aborting of millions of helpless babies by Planned Parenthood.

Why don’t you and the Gang of Eight apply the same war-like vengeance and effort to dismantle the Department of Education, remove government regulations…stop giving illegal aliens citizenship so they can vote for a dictator in America?

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