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Ann Coulter isn’t sure if Ted Cruz is eligible for POTUS: “It’s not open and shut”   August 12, 2013

Mike Lee vs. Karl Rove on defunding Obamacare

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Although she “loves” Ted Cruz, Ann Coulter tells a fully-clothed Geraldo that the issue of Cruz’ eligibility is debatable…

We’re gonna have to have some law professors look at it and give us the answer.

* The following clip has been edited for time as per MP’s loose journalistic standards.

If you’re keeping score at home…

– Congressional Research Office: Eligible
– Byron York: Eligible
– Temple University Professor Peter Spiro: Eligible
– Rand Paul: Eligible
– Laura Ingraham: “Pretty sure”
– Chuck Todd: Undecided
– Donald Trump: Undecided
– Carl Cameron: Ineligible
– Birther Report: Ineligible

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