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Ladies man: Rand Paul makes local news reporter Maggie Ruper giggle like a little girl   August 7, 2013

Mika Brzezinski: Fox News is SO biased unlike MSNBC

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Making his first public appearance in Kentucky since the great “bacon” debate– Rand Paul tells the stunningly beautiful (by local news standards) Maggie Ruper that his beef with Chris Christie has been squashed…

Oh no! You had to bring that up.

It’s over! I declared a truce. It’s a one-way truce right now, but I’ve declared a truce.

If ever you’ve questioned the axiom: “Power is an afrodisiac”– listen for the giggles…

Like a boss.

Maggie Ruper, screencapped for hotness…

You can stalk follow read Maggie Ruper’s super informative tweets @WHAS11Maggie

But until she turns 30, goes national, or gets pregnant– the hottest local news reporter in America remains KFOX14’s Samantha Manning.

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